Thursday, December 15, 2016

Trying Again!

This is just a test run with a new tool, Open Live Writer, to see if it will work well with Blogger.  Here’s hoping!

Friday, April 15, 2016

Shoe Shopping–for Reals!

IMG_7177Usually my posts about “shoe shopping” are when I put out our collection of shoes and let the boys “shop” through them for a new pair.  They are a mix of donated shoes or shoes I have bought and saved for getting ready for Children’s Day or Christmas.

But this shopping trip was special and not only because the boys got to go to the market and select their sandals/flip flops – more about that in a second.


It was special because the 13 year old son of one of my friends decided to use his savings to buy my boys some sandals!  Isn’t that amazing?  He was saving for a new computer and heard about my boys and decided to use the money to bless them.   I love seeing God move on people’s hearts, especially children!  It’s not SO hard to give out of our excess but to sacrifice something we want in order to give – I am inspired!


IMG_7175So on to our shopping trip - going to the market is quite an adventure. You park outside, take a deep breath and dive in! You walk through a labyrinth of shops selling everything under the sun- sides of beef, dishsoap, pots and pans, fake hair, chickens, and everything else you can imagine! It's crowded, hot, dirty, smelly (only near the chickens!) and full of friendly, chill, happy people (and the occasional scoundrel that makes me hold tightly to my purse!). Mozambican kids growing up in their homes would be very familiar with the market but my boys don't get off the center all that often so they walk through with big eyes, taking it all in, including the men shouting, "hey boys, who is the white lady?!?"

IMG_7176I get home and fall into a heap, tired from counting heads and keeping everyone out of mischief. 

And the boys?  Each and every one is delighted – a couple of them even slept with their new sandals! 


Sunday, February 14, 2016

Cap-i-tan America!

IMG_0460At a moving sale recently, I spotted this Captain America costume, which my cute-patoots pronounce “Cap-i-tan America!” which I think is just adorable.  I knew as soon as a saw it that it would be a hit.  It is the most asked for “toy” at the moment, even above the scooter they got for Christmas! 

When I pulled it out for Room One playing in the garden, Dionisio was beside himself with excitement and couldn’t  wait to try it on.  He had plenty of help and advice from the whole rest of the room, who eagerly awaited their turn as well.  I tell ya, cute patoots, the whole lot of them!



Friday, February 12, 2016

On the road again!


Well, that’s the goal for my blog anyway, to get it back up and running after a super long hiatus!  I’m posting this in good faith that it will kick me back into gear!  Have a super weekend everyone!

Sunday, October 04, 2015

PJs and Bookmarks–will it work?


Hi Friends, it’s my semi-routine attempt to use Live Writer again with my blog, the only thing that really works with my internet here.  or, used to work I should say, and none of the alternatives are viable.

These cuties have had their evening showers and are waiting for dinner.  We got a package from the amazing kids at Buttershaw Church in England which had these fun bookmarks.  So fun, the boys love receiving pressies!

Thank you Buttershaw Church for your loving kindness – we can’t wait to have you here again next year!

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Technical Difficulties!

So sorry about the LLLOOONNNGGG delay between posts.  Windows Live Writer (where I write my posts offline) and Google had a bit of a falling out and weren’t speaking to one another for a while. 

I can only write my posts offline because then it takes approximately one minute to upload via the internet, no matter how many photos I use, as compared to using the Blogger system, when I have to be online and it takes about three to five minutes per photo to load, plus the ultimate loading of the post. 

Ain’t nobody got time for that!

I’m so happy to be able to post again!

Mapa do Mundo!


We’re studying the Map of the World!  We’ve learned the Seven Continents and the four main oceans – both of which were helped along by my setting them to a little tune. 

We’ve looked at Creation, our planet, globes, maps, and where all the missionaries live.  I don’t pretend they learned all those things perfectly, but they’re learning about them.


We are going on a journey to visit all the continents!  We will visit the missionaries who are from the different continents.  Sadly, we don’t have anyone here from Asia or Antarctica!


We’ve made a little suitcase, colored and cut and glued a few essentials in our suitcase, we’ve made passports and plane tickets – we’re set to travel!  Ibrahimo above is writing his name on his plane ticket.  Here in Moz, they use all three of their names – look how long his is!

This is my first attempt at a Unit Study approach to my Afternoon Program.  I still need help figuring out how to include reading, writing and ‘rithmatic.  I did have elements of all of those but want to include it a bit more.  I think I’ll get there!  Any ideas welcome!


One of the reading exercises we tried is shown above, I cut up the words and then the letters and they had to arrange them in order. 


And this is the first page of what will be their very own atlas of colored in maps.  Gil looks pretty happy about his!

Sunday, April 26, 2015



I’m not sure anyone is as excited about his birthday in my dorm as Alberto!  He just gets beside himself! 

Even today, over a week later (I’m slow on blogging!), at church they called up the birthday celebrators and he looked dizzy with excitement!

That might be because it’s tradition to hoist the birthday celebrators up  on a bench and lift them up and down and around while they are being sung to!

This little boy just craves attention and I think that adds to why he revels in his birthday so much! 

I’m so glad you were born Alberto!!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Cleaning Cutie Pie!


So Mario comes to me and asks, “Mana Laura, do you have anything I can help clean?”  My front door – in particular right at his height where little hands, sometimes a bit messy hands, touch it hundreds of times a day – had been bugging me for a bit.  So I have him a sponge and a little bucket (an ice cream tub actually) and he was happy as a clam.  And right proud of his good work!

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Igor, the birthday boy!


IMG_5969The boys love birthdays of course!  Theirs, or anyone else’s – cuz they all get candy!  The birthday boy gives out candy to everyone, while wearing the special birthday hat of course!

While they still love Spiderman, Captain America is the big hit these days, thanks to a co-worker’s dad’s love for the character.  So the birthday boy sleeps with Captain (pronounced Cap-i-tan) America sheets while wearing Captain America PJs, a Spiderman bathrobe, after the CA towel and washcloth.  All topped off by slippers from the movie Cars!

It doesn’t take much to make these cute-patoots happy!


Thursday, April 09, 2015



I love having my boys’ siblings over to visit and play.  This is Afonso with his little brother Adamo.  They have two younger siblings as well but they weren’t available to play at that time.  I love the quiet time together, without the crowds, trying to keep those sibling connections strong.

I hadn’t heard Afonso laugh so much in ages!

Saturday, April 04, 2015

I love how creative my boys can be!


What do you do with the plastic bikes when the plastic tires are smooshed so you can’t ride them anymore in the normal way?


You “ride” them on the swings of course!  Fearlessly!  (my photos of them in flight were too blurry to use!)


And the old skateboards, minus the “skate” part?  Make them into a fort!


Our slide does double-duty as a kitchen!


And Horacio just wants to check every day to see if there are any mangoes yet on his tree!

You gotta love these little cute-patoots!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Christmas in March!



Hello Buttershaw Baptist Church in England!  Thank you so much for your lovingly painted Santas and reindeer and Christmas cards!  Due to a postal strike, they didn’t arrive until late January I think it was, and I didn’t arrive til February!  Then it took me awhile to decide when to give them out and then I just decided, today is the day!  They loved them and didn’t care at all that it wasn’t Christmas time!  Sharing was tricky but good for them to negotiate!  Thank you so much for thinking of us!

I’ve just added all the photos I took here – hopefully most of your kids will catch a glimpse of their artwork.  Most were too blurry to post, there was a lot of cute boys in motion!

PS:  I did give these out about two weeks ago, just slow on my post!