Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Introducing . . .

the newest members of our family/dorm - Afonso and Paulo! They've just graduated form our Baby House - as you can see, we use the term "baby" loosely! They've been acclimating to our dorm by coming over every afternoon for the last two months, eating lunch with Room 3 and joining in on all their festivities. But last night was their first night to sleep here. The other littlies who were in the Baby House with them walked them over to us and we had a little "festa" (party) to welcome them. I anticipated a few tears when it was bedtime but they were both happy little campers and woke up with grins on their faces - at 6 am! Paulo is 5 years old and is HIV+ but quite healthy presently which is a blessing. He is on medications called Anti-Retro Virals (ARVs) which some may have heard about in the news. They are amazing and I am so grateful for how they improve the health and lives of our precious kids. Afonso is 4 and very smart - he can cut a straight line on a paper better than most of my 8 year olds can. He doesn't talk much but, mostly nods his head in a quick, abrupt nod for a yes, but I'm working on getting him to loosen up a bit. They are wonderful new additions to my house of already-darling boys! If you have kids of your own, say a little prayer for Afonso and Paulo when you tuck your own kids into bed!

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

This is the day that my faith is based on - that Jesus gave his life for me, for all of us, but lives again now and forever! I feel so grateful for the truth of this and the knowledge of it. Our Easter service here at the Zimpeto Children's Center was filled with singing, dancing, praying and celebrating Jesus' gift to us! My 40 boys are watching a film about the passion of Jesus right now (not the recent, graphic one, they're a little young for that!). My prayer is that the truth of Jesus love for them will overpower them, like a tremendous waterfall, like Niagra Falls, or Victoria Falls since I'm in Africa, and transform their lives, today and every day. Mine too! I love our newest boy, Selso, peeking out during prayer! He came to live with us almost a month ago now, from the street. We think he'd only been there a few days, having left his aunt's house who he was living with after both his parents died. We are still trying to track down the aunt and ascertain his story and see if there's any way they can be reconciled. He's gorgeous though, isn't he??

Saturday, April 15, 2006

Christmas in Zimpeto

Christmas in Zimpeto! I'm giving Nelson his gift while the other boys wait so patiently. The boys are always delighted with whatever they receive! They aren't saints but their expectations aren't out-of-this world and they are grateful for the smallest things. It's a joy to bless them!