Sunday, April 16, 2006

Happy Easter!

This is the day that my faith is based on - that Jesus gave his life for me, for all of us, but lives again now and forever! I feel so grateful for the truth of this and the knowledge of it. Our Easter service here at the Zimpeto Children's Center was filled with singing, dancing, praying and celebrating Jesus' gift to us! My 40 boys are watching a film about the passion of Jesus right now (not the recent, graphic one, they're a little young for that!). My prayer is that the truth of Jesus love for them will overpower them, like a tremendous waterfall, like Niagra Falls, or Victoria Falls since I'm in Africa, and transform their lives, today and every day. Mine too! I love our newest boy, Selso, peeking out during prayer! He came to live with us almost a month ago now, from the street. We think he'd only been there a few days, having left his aunt's house who he was living with after both his parents died. We are still trying to track down the aunt and ascertain his story and see if there's any way they can be reconciled. He's gorgeous though, isn't he??

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