Sunday, November 26, 2006

I'm a Mozambicana!!!

Well, not exactly, but I have my DIRE! It's more of a green card (it's a residency permit) then citizenship but after almost four years, it certainly makes me feel more Mozambican. No more having to buy a new visa every month which is a good thing because last month, they went from $15 to $105!!!!!!! So I'm very happy!


Will said...

I've been desperately searching the web for information on making a move to Mozambique, but since I only recently started learning Portuguese, it's been hard to understand some sites. One of my (many) questions is, "How hard was it to get your DIRE?" Or a better question would be, "What are the basic requirements?"


Laura said...

Hi Will, I think it depends on the circumstances under which you come to Moz. I had to start the process in my home country (US) with a letter from my organization inviting me to come. That had to be submitted to the Moz Embassy in the US with an app for a residency visa. Then when I got here, the manager at my organization had to submit the app here in Moz with a letter describing the work I do, etc, and a police clearance report from my city in the US. Because I'm a volunteer (unpaid) missionary, my DIRE is with the Ministry of Religion. Professionals are usually with the Minsitry of Works, I think, and they need a work contract and some other items. I lived here three years, just using visas, before getting my DIRE this month. I hope that helps! Laura

Jodi said...

Yay Laura - so happy for you!!!