Thursday, December 28, 2006


Ahh, Christmas morning! Kids all over the world await what the day holds. My boys are no exception - they start thinking about Christmas presents weeks ahead! Every time I walk in with a bag, I can hear them whisper "dia de vinte-cinco!" which means "the 25th!!" And as most parents can attest to, it's an effort to also keep their minds on the reason we celebrate the 25th at all - the precious gift of the birth of Christ, our Savior! But we do try, they just can't help be excited about new clothes and presents as well. I don't know many other kids who are so delighted when their presents all fit in one small gift bag. Yet my boys are truly thrilled. In fact, one of my boys Fauso, his mom had given him 1000 mets (equal to about 4 cents or so) and Christmas morning he walked right up and gave it to me, saying he wanted to give me a present too! Precious! I've attached this "before" photo of the boys in their grubby play clothes, waiting for their new ones. They truly are so joyful, not just on Christmas day but nearly every day. I am inspired by them. You would be too! Why don't you come and meet them??? I hope your Christmas was lovely and that you find joy in the small gifts of life as well!

Friday, December 15, 2006

Favorite Colors

One of our missionaries, Sheri, is moving home this week. Her friend was preaching at our church on Sunday and invited her to the front. She asked the kids, "how many of you know Sheri's favorite color?" and a few other similar questions. She said that Sheri has lived with us for two years and is leaving now and if we didn't get to know her, we don't have the chance anymore. She went on to make the comparison to Jesus, that he's right here with us and we can know him but many of us don't. Unlike Sheri, He isn't going anywhere but one day it will be too late for us to know Him. I wasn't at church on Sunday, I was visiting another children's center. But my co-worked Vella told me that after church, two of our boys, Beto and Tome, ran up to her and said, "Mana Vella, we know your favorite color - it's yellow! And we know Mana Laura's - it's green! We know you!!" I was so touched and amazed that they knew. As you know, green is my favorite color, but I only have one green top and nearly everything in my house is blue. And it's not like they shop with me or anything and see me drawn to green things. I must have just mentioned it once or twice and they remembered. I came home and went into their rooms where they were sleeping and just prayed that God would help me to know them as well. With 45 of them, it is hard! I will admit that readily. But I pray that God will give me insight into who they are and who he is making them to be. And perhaps, even their favorite colors!