Thursday, January 25, 2007

I don't like change!

I'm having a good cry as I write this. I've just had to tell my four oldest boys that this weekend they'll be moving to the next dorm. I think all four of them have lived in this dorm for the last six years so this is a big change for them. Every year our dorms shift according to age, so I always know it's coming but I still hate it! It's so sad for me to lose them (even tho they'll only be 50 yards away!) and sad for me to think of the privileges they'll lose. Because I live in my dorm and because it's younger children, we have what I'd call a more homey set-up than the other dorms. Two of them are kind of excited - the older boys' dorm has some freedoms that mine don't. The other two said it's hard and they don't want to go. So I am putting on my bravest face in front of them and saving my tears for private. I've admitted it's hard and good at the same time for me and it's ok if they feel the same. But I don't exactly want to break down in front of them either. But I know the plans God has for them are good, and that includes growing up! So I am taking courage from the father heart of God who is going before them every step! And He'll be with me Saturday night as I cry myself to sleep after seeing them off as well. (L-R: Toto, Chico, Paito and Betinho having some fun on the trampoline before they go! Aren't they gorgeous?)

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