Friday, February 09, 2007

The good old summertime!

It's HOT! Did I mention it is HOT? Because it's really HOT! I'm ready for it NOT to be HOT! February is the HOTtest month in Mozambique so my only consolation is, that the end is near. Please. One of my pastors at Living Hope in Emeryville (she and her husband co-pastor), Sunhee, and the missions coordinator, Sylvia, were just here for a week and a half. They totally spoiled me and paid for everything I happened to buy while they were here, including this pool for my boys. If you look close, you can see there are actually two pools, one inside the other. That's cuz the old one is ruined and too much duck tape has already been applied, so we bought a new one and I thought putting it in the old one will offer a little protection - we'll see. You need a lot of protection from 40 boys! Aren't they handsome??? Anyone wanna come swim? Just remember, it's HOT!!!

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Jodi said...

Where'd that green grass come from? All I remember in pictures was DIRT. Is it still hot? Isn't it funny how it's hard to imagine hot when you're cold - and cold when you're hot???