Sunday, February 18, 2007

It's gonna be a hot one today

It's 10 am and it's 88.2 degrees in my house, with the arrow going up, and 66% humidity, with the arrow heading down. You can just feel when it's gonna be a really hot day, even if the temperature is so far the same as yesterday. There's not a cloud in the sky, it's a brilliant blue and sadly, not a leaf on the lemon trees outside my window is blowing. That's what it is here ~ wind or no wind can make or break a hot day! (All the kids in the center, and several adults, come and pick these lemons, which I suspect are actually limes.)

Complicating the hot day, we have no water! It's been off since Friday, with little spurts of it on, I'd guess about 5% of the time. We all have our taps on a little so if it comes on, we can rush and try and fill water bottles with the trickle that comes out. It came on last night at 12:30 am so I filled a plastic tub for the boys to use in the morning for "showering" and all the water bottles I had for drinking. Silly me, I forgot to jump in the shower while I had the chance - my only comfort is that no one else has probably had a shower either! People have been working to try and get it repaired. And actually, we do have water in our main kitchen, they've diverted all water there so everyone can still eat. I hope the water comes back on today!!!

This photo is in my back garden, looking toward my house. The window above the garbage can (which isn't there anymore) is where I'm sitting right now - I'm looking OUT that window. Those are my lemon trees just before my storage shed. And that's my beautiful African sky!

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Meg Ekno said...

It really is a beautiful sky!