Saturday, August 18, 2007

Afonso loves the new towels!

Thanks Dean and Claire for the new towels for the boys! It sure doesn't look like much in the photo, but there are 40 towels there! Afonso helped me take the stickers off of them, can't you tell? My boys get so excited about every new thing they get - they whooped and hollared about these towels. I love their enthusiasm.


Crystal Lynn said...

So, so cute. Laura I know it's been a while, but somehow I ended up with a link to your blog on my computer. So glad I found it. It's so cool to see what is currently going on out there with you. Just in case you don't remember, this is Crystal Majors from Vanguard. I was an RA for Bethany Barnes one year, and I have visited the orphanage twice, once as a leader. It's really great that you write about the boys

Claire Koenig said...

I'm so glad we could help out a little extra. There's something luscious about new towels!