Sunday, August 12, 2007

He smiled and he laughed!

Today held two exciting events for me - in the morning, Domingos smiled and tonight he laughed! He has definitely seemed in his own world and I haven't yet figured out what certain sounds mean (if they mean anything). But this morning in church, when Papa Steve hugged him, I could see his face and he really smiled! Then tonight, I was kissing his neck and he shrugged his shoulder and laughed! He did it three or four times! I am so exicted and encouraged to get an interactive response from him. Poor little guy, who knows how much neglect has gone on to help create the situation he's in.

He is also keeping a lot more food in his tummy because I feed him v e r y s l o w l y ! Literally, about an hour for about a cup of food! So he's not having so much food come back up. Yay!

The other kids are so cute with him. This morning, little Joao, who's about 6, said to me "I really like Domingos! This morning I prayed God would help him to talk so I can talk with him!" I am praying that God answers this little boy's heartfelt prayer!

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