Friday, August 31, 2007

Special Thank You #2!

My friend Gail used to work with me here at Iris. She was a nurse working with our HIV+ children in particular, as well as in the Baby House and helping with general medical as well. She was my neighbor across the hall, living with one of the toddlers, Nelson, when I lived in the long-term building before moving here to the dorm three years ago.

She moved back to the US and now works in the Emergency Room of Good Samaritan Hospital in Kentucky. They took a collection of long-sleeve shirts for the boys, some of which we gave out at Children's Day in June, but we didn't receive all of them on time.
So we got to have a special presentation last night! They were delighted with the unexpected presents! In addition to the shirts, we gave out new underwear and socks, so it was a very special night! We gave them just before church so they all went proudly off to show the rest of the center their new shirts.
Thank you so much Gail for organizign this and to the GS staff for participating! You have blessed my boys tremendously, and me through them. You gave such high-quality shirts as well, there wasn't a disappointed boy in the bunch. May God bless you so much in return for your generosity!

Antonino loves his hood especially!

Adilson and Silavio think it's so cool to match!

Little ones of Room 3 looking very sharp and happy!

The whole kit and caboodle very happy and blessed!

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