Friday, September 14, 2007

Elidio and the mumps!

Well, I realized as I began this entry that I haven't yet introduced you to Elidio! He came about three weeks ago. His older sister is living in our girls area as well. He has three older siblings who have stayed at home. His mother is disabled, only walking on her hands and knees. One night recently, her husband was mad at her so he threw boiling water on her. He's run away now. So we agreed to take the two youngest children while she recovers - she'll need her older children to help her. We are hopeful that Elidio and his sister will be able to return to be with their mom.

This week, Elidio came down with Mumps! One night, Antonio was at my door, with a big and sore throat - the next morning, three more boys knocked at my door with the same symptoms, one at a time. I thought "uh-oh! - mumps!" Praise God, no one else has yet to come down with it but it can take six to twelve days to appear.

When he's well, I'll have to post another photo when he doesn't have a donut around his neck!
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