Sunday, November 04, 2007

Bilene was a lovely little getaway with friends!

I was so thrilled to have my friends, Debbie and Katrin, visiting me in September and October. They both used to live here in Mozambique with me. Katrin left for Germany in December of 2005 and Debbie left for the US in February of 2006. I've missed them a ton! Katrin actually came in August, with her boyfriend Michael. Then Debbie came at the end of September. Debbie stayed at my house with me and left for home one day before I left for Europe/Home. I will be sad to go back and them not be there. But I'm so blessed they came and it was fun to have them at the same time. We used to have getaways together so we were determined to do so during their visits. So we went to Bilene, a little town on a lagoon, about 2 1/2 hours north of my house.

Amazingly, we decided we wanted some shrimp for dinner and about two minutes later, up popped a man walking on the street selling a bag of shrimp! Here's photos of our adventure:

We asked the guards if there was anyone who might come help us clean and prepare the shrimp to make sure we were doing it right. Good thing we did, she helped us prepare them lickedy-split! It was a lot of shrimp! Five kilos I think.

Katrin and I were the chefs for the night in our amazing kitchen. We had fun!

The finished product.

We discovered we could take a boat for free over to the other side of the lagoon if we ate lunch at the resort there. I am so glad we discovered that place. The food was great, the beach was private the service was terrific. There was one server in fact who tried three separate times to get our phone numbers!

Me and Debbie on the lagoon beach. The first day was cloudy and cool, the last day was sunny and gorgeous.

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