Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Darling Pedro!

I'm not quite sure what to write on this blog about my little Pedro. In March, I wrote about finding his mom on this blog and you can read that if you'd like. In November, he went home to live with his family so he wasn't here when I returned from the US. But he came to visit the day before Christmas and stayed until Friday when we took him home. It was SO lovely to have him here and I miss him terribly now. I think it's a bit much to try and write about so I'm just posting a photo album about him. Isn't he handsome? The photos toward the bottom (sorry they're out of order, I had problems with Picasa) are of him with his grandmother, grandfather, aunt, uncle, and two cousins. He's also in the mango tree on their property.

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david santos said...

Nice photos, Laura, thank you,

have a good day

Laura said...

Thanks David! And thanks for your wishes for a Happy new Year as well. I looked on your site but didn't see an email address to say thanks so perhaps you'll check back here. Bless you!