Sunday, December 16, 2007

Do you know what this is?

I'm gonna tell you. it's a cool squishy ball that lights up and my boys love it. I just pulled it out today and it's all the rage. I've totally forgotten where I bought it (it was packaged in a mesh net) and I thought I'd throw it out there to friends to see if people can keep an eye out for it. It lights up when you hit the particular ball and then goes off after 30 seconds or so. Let me know if you spot one!

While I'm at it, I thought I'd post a photo of two of my boys, Manito in front and Nelinho on the left. They're twins actually. Dani, on the right is their "brother" and he's staying with us for a week, just for fun - isn't that cool? Dani is actually the son of the best friend and wife of the boys' parents who passed away a few years ago. So although there's not a blood relation, they do their best for M & N. They bring them to their home for every holiday and would have them live there except there are already seven of them in the house! They'll all go home for the rest of summer holidays but Dani wanted to hang out here a bit first! The boys will inherit their parents' property when they're old enough and this family looks after that for them as well. I love these occasional stories of amazing kindess in people here!
Did I mention that it's hot???
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My name is Dianna said...

What a beautiful way to spend your life! Your blog is intriguing, I will look for this toy, I know I have seen them or something close to it, would something similar suffice? God bless you! My family will pray that the impact you make will be blessed and great!

Jodi said...

Hi Laura! I have one of these balls. I bought it at Learning Express - in their little bins of toys. We were thoroughly enjoying this toy and then Paige had a friend over at about age 4 - and she BIT THROUGH the outside ball!!! So now it's ripped and the inside balls could come out - so I have it up on a shelf - sad that such a cool toy was destroyed like that.

Laura said...

Thanks for your comments ladies. Jodi, I don't recall hearing about that store. Bummer about yours being destroyed. I am having fun playing with the boys with it and am sad looking ahead to when it breaks or the battery goes. The boys LOVE it! We turned off all the lights and threw it around my house!