Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Hanging Out In Sunny Southern California!

Hello from Costa Mesa! I am hanging at my friends, the Foxes: Heidi, Justin and their FOUR kids! I've been here three days and tonight, I go ALL the way across the street to stay at the Maddoxes: Pamela, Trent and their THREE kids! It's so fun that two of my closest friends live right across the street from each other. I've been having so much fun with them and lots of other old friends in the area. What a gift to be able to visit. People are so kind to love on me and listen to lots of stories about my boys and take me out for lots of meals. I'll be needing those cucumber, tomato and onion salads that are a mainstay when I get back to the heat of Mozambique!

Here's a photo of us from my last visit, we haven't taken a photo all together yet this year. Some of that yummy food I was talking about . . .

On Friday I head up to the Bay Area and next Tuesday, one week from today, I fly back home to Moz! I can't wait to see my boys!

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