Saturday, December 22, 2007

Saturday Night Sleepovers!

A while back I came up with the idea of having four boys at a time spend the night in my house on a Saturday night. They get to watch a movie that the whole dorm hasn't seen, currently Inspector Gadget, eat popcorn and drink soda. When the movie is over, they pull their mattresses into my living room and they play themselves to sleep. I think that's the part they like the best, just playing and rough-housing (tonight's four made farting noises in bed for about a half hour and never grew tired of laughing at it - boys will be boys!) until they're too tired to play any more. Normally, when it's bedtime, they climb in bed, lights out and time for quiet, so this is fun for them.

One reason I was so grateful for this idea from the Lord is that I can use this to learn a little helpful information about some of my more challenging kids. For example, one of my little ones gets picked on A LOT by the other kids in his room, and he provokes them as well. So I allowed him to choose the other three so I could see who he considers a friend so I can encourage their time together. And Selso, who I mentioned in a previous post spends a lot of time alone, I let him choose as well so i could learn who he likes and could encourage that.

So it's a lot of fun and I learn more about them as well. Can't beat that! After I've done the whole round once thru, I might add breakfast in bed!

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