Sunday, December 30, 2007

What do I do all day?

People often ask me that.  I don't have a satisfactory answer, I usually talk about the planned programs I have to keep 43 boys in check, mention hugs and kisses and putting on of band-aids and so forth.  But last night before dropping into bed at 9:30 (highly unlike me, usually up til midnight!) (I had to force myself to stay up that late, as I was waiting for the three boys enjoying Saturday Night Sleepover in the living room to fall asleep) I wrote out a partial "Post-return-to-Mozambique, Post-Christmas-and-New-Years-To-Do List."  So here we have a bit of the things that take up my time:


Clean every surface: dust, sweep, mop to get rid of two months build-up of dust and dirt blown in the windows

Clean curtains

Clean bathroom

Write name on all movies and arrange in more orderly fashion so when people come to borrow them they can find them more easily.

Clean/sort three-tier shelf near lockers.

Rearrange lockers (food, crafts, boys' books etc.)

Rearrange storage chest to make room for new group toys/games.

Clean fridge

Blog about Pedro

Sort thru clothes to give away to Tias

Rearrange suitcases used for storage when not traveling

Decide what to do with box of donated videos under bed

Decorate/hang bulletin board bought six months ago

Swap wardrobe and shelf with dresser?

Thank yous to supporters from last church service

Poster to Randy Powell

Organize and name photos into folders

Clean computer screen

New medical insurance

Flight quotes for trip to New Jersey for Mom's birthday

Return 167 emails in inbox!

Mani/pedi (not the salon type, the "file the broken nails and get my feet clean"variety!)



Hang poster number 1

Laminate and hang poster number 2

Put together new bicycle

Give old, somewhat broken bike to Bendito

Repair VCR

Go thru bag of too-small or ripped clothes from Room 2

Dust and rearrange shed

Paint and repair small chairs

Give to-do list to maintenance

Move bench and store broken back part of bench until can be repaired

Move old tools to loft

Paint rooms 1 and 2

Sort thru stuff I shoved in cupboard when my house was painted

Take old clothes from Rooms 1 and 3 and new clothes handout

Arrange December birthday party

Organize incentive program for boys who "xi-xi" the bed at night

Put new plug on radio for boys

Assess shoe situation

Hang batiks


Shopping List, partially to complete above:


Bucket, to replace the one Agostino broke yesterday

Furniture pads

Mirror tape for hanging posters

Soccer balls

Swimming pool

Batik for Room 3

Chairs and tables for all kids to eat meals in dorm after the new year


Towels for Room 2

Small spoons


Chips, biscuits and drinks for New years Day meal


Two thoughts I have now:  so why am I taking time to blog about this instead of doing it?  And, why am I dropping it all to accept the invite to go to the pool this lovely Sunday afternoon with my friends, the Wakelys?

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