Thursday, January 03, 2008

Boas Entradas, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!

Rooms 1 and 2, the bigger boys, got to watch a movie in the church with the BIG kids and they were very excited. Room 3, the Littlies, stayed home and watched one in our dorm.

About 10 pm, there were grilled sausages in the church and even the Littlies went for that, as evidenced by this photo of my littlest, Simois, whose bread and sausage is as big as his torso!

Then at midnight exactly, we had a grand fireworks show on the futball field. About half the kids ran and hid behind the school, but eventually, most of them came out and joined in the fun, usually hiding behind an adult.

New Year's Day is very important here in Mozambique, we think bigger than Christmas even. So we decided to throw a little party for my dorm. We started with wheelbarrow races, followed by crab races. Then there was parachute play, always a hit! We had a special lunch of hot dogs, apples, yogurt and a whole packet of biscuits each! I can't forget the soda either.

The fun wasn't quite over - we had a great water balloon fight in the garden and topped the whole afternoon off with a present of a small jar of peanut butter each! That was a gift from a new friend named Susan and her family. They learned about my boys through my friend Justin Fox (link in the margin) and wanted to do something to bless the boys. They gave money for peanut butter for Christmas but I wasn't able to buy it beforehand so I decided to make it a special New Year's gift instead. (They also sent three movies and there was enough money leftover after the PB to buy a VCR for the dorm as well, for Christmas! Thanks SO much guys!)

I'm excited about the New Year ahead and all that God has in store for us. I'm praying that both my life and the lives of my boys will be transformed this year by the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives!

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