Wednesday, January 09, 2008

No one to kiss them good night

Perhaps the title is a bit melodramatic but that's what's making me cry tonight. Tomorrow, 13 of my boys, Room 2, the oldest ones, will be moving on to the next dorm. This happens every year in January, all the dorms switch to stay relatively age-appropriate. My age range this year has been 4-11 with one 14 year old whom we thought was younger until we found out his birthdate! I've always felt that was too big a spread and I'm totally in support of my boys moving up.

But it doesn't make it any easier to say good bye, after 3 1/2 years for me, and 7 or 8 years for some of them. Nor good night for the last time tonight. I just went and kissed or hugged them, said Boa Noite or Sweet Dreams or See You Tomorrow. But no one will be doing that for them from now on. The next dorm has one male educator at a time and the lovely missionary couple who work with the dorm don't live in it so they aren't able to just pop out at bedtime to say a quick round of good nights.

I had to quickly leave the room to cry my tears alone in my room so as to not upset them. This doesn't bode well for tomorrow's goodbye - uh oh! I've known for months and months they were going and thought I was prepared but I guess prepared and unemotional are not exactly the same thing.

This is the sort of time when I'm so aware that as much as I love what we're able to do here at Iris, this was never God's design for families. Transitions are hard for me it seems. But I pray for their future just the same and if you are praying for Adilson or Nandino, Paito or Agostino, Rafin or David, Selso or Abelo, Nelson or Inacio, Manito or Nelinho or Joshua - please continue to pray for them, every day that the the Lord brings them to mind, to become the men of God he has plans for them to be.


david santos said...

Happy New Year, Laura! And best wishes for a healthy and successful 2008

intense_fragility said...

it may sound cheesey, but i feel like i need to tell you this (which i'm sure you probably already know, but sometimes it's nice to hear again) last night i was thinking again about this post and just your heart for these boys (which i love)... and as i was thinking about just how hard it would be to know that a good night kiss would be missing now, God told me that He would still be kissing them goodnight... so although i know it's not the same as being able to love on them yourself, rest in the knowledge that they are not forgotten and He still holds them close each and every night...
-sadie wells

pamelitarose said...

Hello Friend!
I love all of the pictures and updates! I haven't been on your site since before Christmas. Did the boys move this weekend? I need your phone#. I tried to call and it wouldn't go through. Maybe I input it in my computer wrong. I miss you! I had a dream that we were together and I was talking live to you. I wish it were so. I did see a great 2 for 1 to Mozambique...but it was like travel in two weeks! I just couldn't put it together. :( Email me your # when you can...soon. Love you! pamelita