Sunday, January 13, 2008

Two New Darlings

Let me introduce our two newest little ones to the dorm: Israel and Salomone. They both have lived here at the center for several years. They lived in the Baby House, then spent the last year in a new-then transition house, with seven small ones total. The idea, and it was a good one!, is to help them have some adjustment from the Baby House system to coming to live with the big boys! So far it's gone quite well.

Salomone has been a dream. Israel, a bit more of a challenge. He was actually supposed to come last year and thought not ready emotionally so we waited a year. He still has some issues that are likely not only related to where he lives. Each day, he has a least one screaming tantrum that can last up to a half hour. However, amazingly, when he calms down (usually with a cup of water he's always obedient to take, even in the midst of screaming - hmm), he almost immediately says "desculpe" and does whatever he needs to make amends. Please pray for me for patience and wisdom with Israel. You can imagine it's hard to deal with that in the midst of 30 other boys' issues!

I've just starting reading Raising Great Kids by Drs. Cloud and Townsend and during today's tantrum I kept thinking "justice and mercy, Laura, justice and mercy!"

The top is Salomone, the bottom is Israel.

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