Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Fun Place To Hide

IMG_6272Sometimes I wish I could fit in the Spiderman playhouse and just hide away!  Sometimes I wish I could be a kid and play House with whatever is at hand, just escape into my little fantasy world.  (hmmm, perhaps I do that a little with the plethora of home-making blogs I've been reading lately?).  Today they used the Spiderman playhut, but they're just as likely to stack chairs and broken cardboard boxes to create a makeshift home.  I do love that I brought this playtoy back here with me.  It is SUCH a hit, lightweight and more durable than it looks.  It's currently one of the top three requested toys!  This photo is of Salamone and Antonino enjoying their cozy, little home!

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intense_fragility said...

that is just one of the most adorable things ever! goodness, i love kids