Monday, February 18, 2008

A Little Slice of Paradise - Inhambane

I just got back from one of my favorite places in Mozambique - Inhambane.  There's a couple visitors here right now who were planning to go and when they invited me along, I jumped at the chance.  I hadn't been in over a year.  Now it was a bit crazy - it's about, how many hours drive?  In theory about 7 hours or so.  It took us 10.  But we left on Friday and came back on Sunday so it was a bit of a long way to go for such a short time. I would have loved even one more full day there to relax.

A new missionary Sarah (who arrived in December) came along and I so enjoy her company.  Then there was Dana and Jonah, crazy soccer players who initiated the trip.  Dan from England and Samuel from the US rounded out the group.  Dana and Jonah are hilarious together and there was very little time I wasn't laughing on this trip.  They all surfed while Sarah and I hung out and were generally entertained.

I must say that although the company was great, the scenery stunning and the atmosphere so relaxing, the best part had to be the air conditioning in our rooms!

101_4766 Yummy FoodIMG_3150My Favorite spot

101_4774 The whole gangIMG_3149 More yummy food101_4788 Paradise!

(sorry, didn't think to take a photo of the AC!)

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My name is Dianna said...

wow! glad you got away if only for a little while.