Monday, February 04, 2008

Selso is doing great!

Just thought I'd give an update on Selso in case you're wondering how he's doing.  We had a few rough days, the Tias accused him of thinking he could do whatever he wanted because we were afraid he'd run away.  I tend to agree that he was thinking that way so I lovingly but firmly set him straight!  I told him this is his home and we are his family but he cannot do whatever he wants and think we'll allow it because he might run.  The rules of the center still apply to him. 

A few days later, he moved up to the next dorm with all the other boys who were set to go.  At first, we were all a bit nervous about this as we do think him not wanting to move prompted him to run away.  But I think it helped that half the boys had moved up two weeks earlier (the day he ran away) so they had adjusted and we're doing quite well so he could see that.  He moved without incident, praise God!

He has been doing great since then, just over a week now.  Still comes to the dorm quite often to visit, always comes running to greet me if I'm walking across the center while he's around.  So I see him quite often and get to pour out lots of love on him.

I'm so thankful that God broke through the walls around Selso's heart to allow enough of His love in to bring him comfort  - and bring him home!  I continue to pray that God will heal every wounded area of Selso and lead him into the man He has created him to be!  Thank you for your prayers as well! 

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