Sunday, March 30, 2008

Mom's 70th Birthday Party

Joyces Party- 001

Me, Sean, Mom, James and Sandra

Before the guests arrived.IMG_6301 



The Happy Septuagenarian!

We had a lovely time celebrating my mom's 70 years.  She was thrilled seeing so many loved ones, nearly 60 people came!  But the highlight was my sister and two of her sons coming out of the kitchen as a second surprise.  For those of you who've met him, can you believe how tall and grown up Sean is???

It was a joy to come home to surprise my mom with a special celebration.  She's blessed so many people throughout her life, most especially me!


My name is Dianna said...

looks like you all had a great time! i have been praying for your mom, how did that treatment go last week? happy travels wednesday. i am getting things together and finalized for the boys, it is all coming through very nicely.

My name is Dianna said...
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Colleen and Michael said...

THAT'S little Sean who lived with you???? My how he's grown up! I suppose 5 years will do that....

bellejanel said...

Oh my goodness Laura. I looked at this picture and automatically thought James the nephew who lived at VU with you. But as I read the blog, I realized it was in fact Sean. My goodness he has grown. I hope he is doing well!