Monday, April 21, 2008

Cake Making in Mozambique

Well, I cheat.  I still use the box mixes I love from America.  I always bring a couple with me when I've visited the US.  They are just so good.  And I don't know what it is, but the flour or the sugar or something here is different - the homemade cakes here just aren't the same as at home!

So today I decided to make a yummy cake for our Staff Meeting.  I had forgotten that I had had to buy a new hand mixer because my last one broke the first time I used it - the ejector button pushed all the way into the handle and that caused the speed indicator to stick and that was the end of that!  (that was my second mixer by the way, my first one had broken too.  when the second one broke, I asked around to see if I could borrow one from anyone and every person who had one - you guessed it, broken! but I digress.)

So I plugged it in, stuck it in the batter, turned it on and - nothing.  No power.  So I shut it off and went outside to look and see if everyone was without power or just us (sometimes we or the dorm next door does something that trips the breaker and only affects us two dorms).  I couldn't really tell as it wasn't dark enough for lights so I was heading back to my door when the power came back on - yay!  EXCEPT, not yay, I quickly discovered that what I thought was the off position on my new mixer was really the highest setting so I walked in to the mixer whirring away and chocolate cake batter everywhere! 

Home Life 003I decided to laugh thankfully and not cry. I also decided to scrape that batter off every half-sanitary surface and make that cake.  Hey, it's from America!  I can't waste it!  (and I did not consider the floor even close to being half-sanitary so what

landed there did not make it into the cake!)

Home Life 004After it was baked however, I did decide I couldn't in good conscience bring a cake made from scraped-off-the-toaster batter to Staff Meeting - well, more for me!


Colleen and Michael said...

That's HILARIOUS!!! And so good that you were able to laugh about it. Did it still taste good?

HisPrincess said...

The baking would have sanitised it! Do you have the "ten second rule" in America (or Mozambique)?. My kids always say if it hits the floor and you pick it up within 10 seconds it doesn't matter! Just like if you have a chocolate bar and a diet coke the calories cancel out! And if you break the cookie the calories all leak out!I kid you not! These are the motto's that I live by! Which could be why I'm a little on the chubby side! No, surely not!
Hope you enjoyed your cake.

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