Thursday, April 10, 2008

Home to bugs, noise and lovely boys!

Ahh, it's good to be home, especially after a long bit of travel with more than a normal share of hiccups.  But God is amazing and already had a solution to each dilemma.  I felt very peaceful even when not knowing what would happen next!

I arrived home on Sunday and it was so good to see the boys!  It was also so lovely to realize how many people had been praying for my mom and me as so many approached me and asked how she is. 

Some things that weren't fun, in no particular order:

- bugs and bug debris in every cupboard, on every dish!

- sand, although Sarah was a doll and cleaned up so much for me, it still seeps into every drawer, every book, even the cushions.

- spiderwebs in the kitchen cupboards

- being awoken at 6 the next morning and realizing the days of lazing in bed late in peace and quiet are gone again!

To end on a good note, here's some of the pleasures:

- having a pristine fridge/freezer after the power was off for an unknown time while I was gone so Sarah cleaned it out, along with the . . .  maggots!  Gross!  Even CSI couldn't have found a trace of them!

- Pedro awaiting my arrival with tangible excitement

- Joao Macamo not needing to ask Sarah "when is Mana Laura coming home?" every day

- Aurelio, a new boy with a big smile and an evidently huge heart racing to see who this "Mana Laura" was he'd heard about and welcoming me with a big embrace!

- Lots of hugs and kisses and shouts and cheers from all the boys!


intense_fragility said...

aw.. just reading about the boys' excitement to see you made my heart so happy... the love of the kids makes my heart ache in such a good way...
glad you got home safely!

Jenny said...

That sounds like a lovely homecoming!