Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saturday, in the Park

During school holidays, I wanted to get the boys out of the center for a bit.  You might remember from my post a few days back that we went to the reservoir.  Last week, we went to the city park for a picnic lunch!

Park Excursion 171Who can remember the first time they ate ice cream?  I think Aurelio will be able to!  He's our newest boy and everything we did was accompanied by a big "wow!"




Park Excursion 163

Yummy tuna, cheese and tomato sandwiches, hard boiled egg, chips, an apple - oh it was exciting!  Afonso loved it!





Park Excursion 153  Adilson, a budding football star, before we were asked not to play on the grass!  At a park!  I guess it is looking a little bare in that spot!

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HisPrincess said...

Imagine not being allowed to play on the grass in a park! How rude!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Although mine isn't nearly as interesting as yours!

We have a young woman from our community who cares for orphans in Rwanda. Our church supports her whenever we can but no matter what we do, it can never be enough. It's such a huge thing that you do and you are such a faithful servent of the Lord. A big pat on the back from over here in Oz!

Say hi to Antonio for me! I must post a pic of my Boris (he's a Russian Blue, had to have a Russian name!) on my blog so you can say hi!