Monday, April 28, 2008

A Yard Sale In Mozambique?

Who'd a thunk it?  Not me!  But boy was I excited! 

The Marine Guard House (where the Marines live who are on duty at our Embassy here in Moz) hosted it and lots of expats came and sold their stuff. 

It was a bit overwhelming to walk around all that stuff, especially as most of it is from the US, with a smattering of things from other countries.  Most of the people selling work for the Embassy or NGO's who've had posts in other countries previously. 

But I quickly found my stride and here are some of the treasures I came home with.  Lest you think I exercised incredible self-control, this is probably about only 30% of the stuff I got!

Yard Sale 015

I didn't come home with the two boys, those treasures I already had!  But Domingos got these new shoes and a cow toy that makes lots of noises.  He's blind and developmentally delayed so I thought he might engage with this toy.  Simois got a new shirt from Target, tag still on it!

Yard Sale 016

Here's an assortment of the highlights, including the blanket which has a mint green reverse side.  A Sit and Spin!  I couldn't believe it!  An Eddie Bauer backpack, racing cars, a black dollie, a skirt and top for me, some books, Spiderman, lots of videos, a mechancial monster/dog/thingie.   You can barely see the edge of a shield on the left - I got a whole dueling set.

Yard Sale 017

Here's the best thing I got - if it works!  A Canon Rebel camera! It's not digital but it was $20!!  The battery is dead so the lady gave me her phone number so I can call her if it doesn't work but she said it does.  She said she thinks she even has another lens at home she'll give me.  The lady who sold me this, with her co-worker, volunteer at something called International Club of Maputo where they support NGOs.  So they gave me lots of clothes and some games.  Several people gave me free things when they found out I work at an orphanage.  One person told me to come back at the end and whatever kid stuff she had, she'd just give me.  It ended up being a BIG bag of things! Mostly for the Baby House but that's awesome!

Yard Sale 019

These earrings are a special find.  I've been buying jewelry with this stone for my mom each time I've passed thru London on my way here.  I love it too!  So now I have something for myself in this gorgeous green stone!

Yard Sale 018

This might have been the best overall bargain (especially if the camera doesn't work!).  It was $1.00!  There's absolutely nothing wrong with it, I think it's such a darling basket!

Yard Sale 020

The most amazing thing I found was this chopper.  Only the day before, I had thrown mine in the trash because I had broken it trying to chop clams and left one in the shell, not good.  The very next day, here's exactly what I need.  God is so sweet to even bless us with the little things!

Well, I'm off to find homes for these and all the other goodies I came home with!


JARILYN said...

yay! so exciting! haha i love finding things like that!! Especially the Sit & Spin! oh man - that was one of my all time favorites when i was little! Congrats! :)

My name is Dianna said...

wow, what awesome things hyou found! i hope you are all doing well!

HisPrincess said...

You are quite the bargain hunter aren't you?

I just love a jumble sale! I'm sure the kids will love all the goodies!