Monday, May 19, 2008

Update on my Mom

I have been so happy with how my mom's been doing these two weeks I've been here.  Beginning the day I arrived, she's been eating more and more each day (bringing her weight up to about 102 now) and we've been getting out of the house each day so she's been getting some exercise as well.  Overall, she's gaining strength and feeling better.

Although most of her lymph system responded well to the chemo she finished at the end of April, today, she had a biopsy of a mass in her stomach that her doctor said is a different type of non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  The results will tell them more what they're dealing with and what type of chemo she will need to treat it. 

Her doctor did say that he didn't think she had the luxury of waiting one or two months to begin chemo.  I think that's what is bothering my mom the most - she really had wanted to wait to get her weight/strength back before beginning chemo again. 

I know many people are praying for her and for me and I appreciate it so greatly!

Here she is enjoying half of her Mother's Day pressie of a mani/pedi!


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MoziEsmé said...

Glad your mom is doing better! And I'm sure your boys are missing you . . .