Friday, May 30, 2008

When I am Weak ~ HE is Strong!

I've been here in New Jersey three and a half weeks now and I'm looking at at least another two, possibly more. Although I am so thankful to be able to help my mom when she needs it, I've also felt very far from my darling boys in Mozambique. It's been on my heart to do whatever I can during this time to still be a blessing to them.

It's always true, but especially while so far away, the very best thing I can do for them is pray! So I've been spending more concentrated time bringing them (and my work) before the Lord.

I've also been praying for my Mozambican staff, which we call Tias or Educators, you'll hear me refer to them both ways. I have seven ladies that are working with my boys. One is the Head Educator and works M-F. The other six work in two shifts, three at a time, four days on and four days off.

These ladies have such a huge impact on my boys and their growth and development! If their hearts are truly captured and full of passion for serving the boys, there's no telling where they'll go! But they're not all there because of passion - they need a job! So they each bring varying degrees of heart to their job.

So I have been praying that each of them will be filled with the passion and compassion of the Holy Spirit and that they will be filled with vision of how God can use them in these boys' lives! I am praying they will love their jobs and work with their whole hearts, as unto the Lord! I am praying that we can work together to transform the boys!

But I have a confession to make too - I feel very weak in leading them or working together with them as a team. In fact, if I had to rank all the areas of my work from top to bottom, I would put "leadership of my Tias" at the bottom. I find it very challenging for a variety of reasons, including language and cultural differences to name just two. In fact, I think I have often given up.

However, I am greatly comforted by the fact that in my weakness, Christ has promised that HE IS STRONG! And I want this to be an opportunity for Him to be glorified through my weakness. So I decided to confess to everyone how weak I am in this area so that when God does amazing things in and through my Tias, He will get all the glory!

If you think of it, please pray with me that God will be free to work in my Tia's lives exactly as He wishes. Pray that they grasp how much God loves them, that He has a purpose for their lives and how that purpose includes working with OUR boys! I want to partner with them to be instruments God can use to


Decidedly Bookish said...

I'll be praying. Do come and tell me how it's going. It's worked out amazingly - I'm leaving for Zimpeto on the 15th! We'll arrive at almost the same time. Such a God thing! I'll be at Zimpeto for a week and then up to Pemba for two. And yes, let's keep in touch before we leave. I've added you to MSN Messenger but I know they don't use it much in the US. Do you have Facebook? Otherwise there's always good old e-mail. Here's hoping and praying your mother recovers her strength quickly xxx

HisPrincess said...

I pray that all is going well in Mozambique with your boys. I also pray that your Mum will be strong again soon.