Saturday, June 28, 2008

Thabo is dancing with Jesus!

Children's Day 2007 070 I've written many posts a bout our   precious Thabo who came to live with us in May of 2007.  Now he's gone to live with his Father in Heaven where there are no more tears and no more suffering!

Thabo died so peacefully Friday morning in his bed at home. 

In the morning he asked his Tia (one of the Mozambican women who provide care in his home for he and four other boys) if she could wrap him on her back, as young babies and children are carried.  He's never wanted to do that before because he September 2007 031legs couldn't straighten so it was painful for him.  As Vella said, he must just have wanted to feel so close to her. He then asked to go inside and sit on Vella's lap.  After a bit he was restless and wanted to lay down.  After just a few moments, still holding Vella's hand, he took his     last breath.Welcome Vella Festa 056

We received this as an amazing gift of God because with all of his health problems, he could have suffered greatly.  It's so precious that he even had special time with both Judite and Vella before he died, what a gift for them as well.

I'll never forget hearing about Thabo's arrival at the center while I was in the US.  People often ask why I stay here so long, or when I'm coming home or why I do what I do.  When I heard about Thabo's terrible neglect I thought "he's why I do what I do, so he can know he is loved and cared for, precious to me and to God."

BILD0945For the last several months Thabo has been out of our dorm, beginning with a four month stay in the hospital, then living in our clinic and finally living with Vella in a much smaller environment.  I was blessed to have been part of his care and am so grateful that he had so many others who absolutely poured loving care into his life. 

We will all miss him terribly.  He was a bit like a little celebrity here at the center, everyone knew and loved Thabo!  Everyone is sad he is no longer with us but we are all confident he is safe, secure and happy in Heaven with his loving BILD0957Father and Jesus.  I'm excited he can stand and walk and run and dance.  And I'm quite sure he finally weighs over 22 pounds as God has given him a new body!  We rejoice in his eternal healing that he's now enjoying.



Ros and her husband Steve, our directors, took Thabo out after church many, many Sundays with their group of young kids on their regular outings.  This one obviously to the beach.  You might notice his shoes look a little big - he loved those shoes, even though they were huge on him!   




This is Tia Judite who loved him so well and was with him when he died.  This is our local pool.




Here he'sDSC06382 with Tia Victoria at the natural history museum in the city.  She took such good care of Thabo as well. 







Thabo's beautiful face

Lovely Khosa Thabo,

July 28, 1999


June 27, 2007


My name is Dianna said...

I am so sorry for your loss! I will be praying for you, the staff and the boys. I can't imagine how you all must be feeling.

HisPrincess said...

Such a lovely post, praise the Lord that Thabo is now dancing with Jesus.

MoziEsmé said...

You guys are making such a big difference! Thabo sounds like a most inspiring, beautiful boy, and I'm so glad he had people who loved him with him.

BeverlyMoser said...

Hi Laura,
just checking in. We'll write more later!
Beverly and Chelsea Moser