Tuesday, July 01, 2008


July 2008 003 That's the name of our newest little six year-old darling who's just arrived an hour ago.  He and his sister were referred to us by a medical clinic, our home visit team determined that they would indeed benefit from being here.  Although he looks quite healthy - and quite gorgeous, huh? - he's on a second-line treatment for medication.  That means the first-line treatment wasn't successful.  There are currently only three options so please pray that his body will respond well to these current meds. 

Also I ask that you would just saturate Heaven with prayers on behalf of him and his sister, Alciana.  It must be so hard to leave your mom and home and everything you know and suddenly be in a huge children's center.  Please pray that he will know God's peace and presence and will quickly feel at home here.  Please pray for God to speak to him in such a personal way, that Geronimo will be able to trust in Jesus with the faith of the child that he is!

I don't know his whole story yet, as he's just arrived, but wanted to tell you about him so you could begin to pray for him and his sister!

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