Saturday, July 19, 2008

Max's look-alike Dad

July parties 014 What a surprise we had the other night when Max's dad arrived for a visit!  I didn't even know he had a dad!  Turns out Max has visited with him a few times at his sister's but never mentioned it to us.  His dad lives most of the time in South Africa.  Max had lived there as well with his mom, coming to live with us when his mom died.  We all thought the dad was out of the picture.  But there was no doubting this is his dad - they look exactly alike and even their voices are the same.  I wish I had kept a photo of Max with half-closed eyes because he looks just like his dad even in that pose.  July parties 017(Below, with his step-mom and dad.)

If you pray for my boys, please pray for Max.  He has such potential to make wise choices and be a blessing to others.  He's very bright too, learning lots of English and last year took top marks in his class.  But he often chooses poorly and gets into trouble.  Two weeks ago, he ran away and slept for one night on the street.  That was scary for all of us.Christmas 2007 235

I've often felt like Max is walking a tightrope and his toehold is precarious.  He just seems like a young man who can go either way, for good or for bad.  And if he chooses bad, here, it can get really bad.  So please keep him in your prayers, that his loving Heavenly Father will be able to break thru any walls around his heart and Max will hear and receive His words of love, peace, joy and life!


MoziEsmé said...

Will definitely be in my prayers. This sounds like a case where something minor could push him one way or the other - I'm so glad your organization is there for him.

intense_fragility said...

i adore max... some of my absolute favorite photos from this year are with him. he captures my heart(and has ever since my first year there) so i will definitely be praying for him...
and yes, he does look like his dad..