Wednesday, July 02, 2008

More of Geronimo!

July 2008 006 July 2008 005

I couldn't resist posting a couple photos of Geronimo taken today in my house.  Isn't he a pumpkin???  He loves this hubcap, uses it as a play steering wheel.  He has us all charmed! Please keep praying that he does well in his adjustment!


My name is Dianna said...

what a sweet boy! i have my children praying...i have to tell you what julianna said...i was explaining that i believe that God quickly hears the prayers of children because they are so sincere, and backed-up by tremendous faith (childlike faith) and how jesus wants us all to pray and live in that faith and she responded by telling me, 'gosh, mom it must take your prayers a long time to get to Him'...
just thought that you'd get a chuckle. so we will all be praying for Geronimo (some of us may be heard a little more quickly than others;)

JARILYN said...

He is precious!! And is that a Vanguard Lion I see?! haha AWESOME. He and his sister are in my prayers!