Sunday, July 27, 2008

Soup and Scrabble Sunday!

July 2008 002 For years now I've wanted to host a Soup and Scrabble Sunday with some friends and I finally did today.  It's winter here (altho usually warm during the day) so I've been making lots of soups - I have three different types in my freezer!  So I decided today I'd finally invite a few friends over.  Tracey and Anna came and we had corn chowder soup with brownies for dessert and a fun game of Scrabble!  What a peaceful Sunday!  (I should have taken a photo but Afonso helped prep for the soup, peeling the potatoes and onion.  He got a bowl as well and declared it very good!)


annacoumos said...

Hi Laura, Thanks for a fun evening and yummy soup! We should really do this every week. It was great.

intense_fragility said...

soup and scrabble is the best combo ever! i love scrabble but no one will ever play it with me... and no, it's not cause i cheat!haha... but i'm glad you finally got your s&s night. sounds like good times

My name is Dianna said...

looks like you had a great day! could you send winter our way?, please. it was 101 today and 70% humidity...i love scrabble, too bad you're not around the corner, i'd come play with you. love ya!