Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tchau Joao!

July 2008 011One of my little darlings, Joao Ruben Mathe, has left our family to be reunited with his own!  And while I rejoice with him, I will miss him.  He gives the sweetest hugs and kisses!  I'll miss that.  I'll miss his smarts, his grin, his kindness and his love.  But I won't miss knowing that he's separated from his family.  I'm so glad to know he's back with his mom and his siblings.  And he couldn't be more thrilled!

Joao has a bit of a strange story.  He arrived about two years ago with his dad, with a letter from an agency saying he had been living on the streets with his dad and could we care for him while they helped his dad find a job and a home.  If I remember right, and I wasn't present when he arrived, I think there was even a representative from this agency with them.June 2007 019

Well Joao would ask all the time if he could go home, could we call his mom or dad and can't he go visit?  He would ask me, the Tias here in the dorm and many weekends, would go ask Felipe, our Head Educator, with tears, "Can't I go home Mano Felipe?"

But we had never heard from the dad again (until recently) and all attempts to contact this agency to find information on him had failed.  Well, it's no wonder - it was a scam.  Joao's dad had actually taken him from his mom, forged the documents, probably had a friend pose as an official, and left Joao here without telling the family where he was.  His dad came back recently and admitted everything.  The staff here took Joao to his mom's accompanied by the dad, where he got to stay the weekend.  He came back so happy!

Now it's mid-year, school wise and Joao has been transferred to a school near his home and is living with his mom again.  His dad lives nearby, in waking distance but everything seems to have been forgiven and Joao is delighted to live near both his parents.  Some things I'll never quite understand. 

But I do understand that God created family and it's so important to support that whenever and however possible.

And I do understand that while Joao might miss us once in a while, he couldn't be more thrilled to be home!

(For some reason, I can't add any more photos into this post with Windows Live Writer right now.  I'll try and adjust it later but at least you can see how gorgeous he is!)

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Lill said...

WOW!!!! what an amazing story! wow! and Mom forgave Dad all???? 2 years he has been gone from Mom and she must have been in anguish not knowing where he was and what was going on---and she forgave Dad??? WOW!