Monday, July 28, 2008

Who will put the puzzle together first?

For the Afternoon Program this week, we talked about friendship and being stronger together than alone.  We shared some Scriptures with the boys during the program.  For the "craft" we had written out the Scriptures and then cut them up like puzzles.  We put the boys in pairs and gave each half the pieces.  They had to work together to assemble them. 

Who will put their puzzle together first???


July 2008 003

Will it be Tome and Elias???


July 2008 005

Fauso and Silavio are having fun but are they working hard?


July 2008 008   

Antonino and Joao keep trying different ways!


But the winners are . . .

July 2008 014

Elias and Tome!

Well done boys!

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