Wednesday, August 06, 2008

And Birthday GIRL fun!

I never told you about my birthday!  It was on July 7th and I had a very nice day.  I went into the city in the morning and had a nice massage.  I also had lunch at a little cafe overlooking the ocean.

July parties 026

When I got back to the center, Fiona, Sarah and Naomi had planned a  little celebration for me with the boys with cake and juice and popcorn!  So fun!  Joao Macamo had somehow obtained a bar of soap to present to me for a gift!July parties 032








One of my chefes (dorm helpers)July parties 034 has recently completed a cooking course and had shown me some photos of some dishes he had made which looked wonderful.  so I asked him to cater a little evening party at my house.  He worked all day!  I think he started at 1pm and the party began at 7:30  Here's the master at work:  July parties 041


He made six different plates of food!  This just shows four of them, the pizza and the other yummy tomato/egg dish was still cooking. 



A lot of friends came over, July parties 043

including all my chefes

July parties 050

and the three Tias who were on that shift.   They gave me this capulana (skirt) as a pressie! 

 July parties 044

It was a fun night and I think Armando was very pleased with how it all turned out! July parties 049

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Adele said...

Sorry I missed your birthday!! How could I miss the day after having celebrated with you last year? Glad you had a good time with your tias and friends. :)