Thursday, August 07, 2008

Boys and the burning bush

We're preparing to teach the boys the Ten Commandments soon and we've also been talking with them about hearing from God.  So we followed up on last week's lesson about how God speaks to us.  We finished up with explaining that God can use anything to speak to us - even a burning bush! 

August 2008 003We told the story of Moses and then decided to actually go light a 'bush" (a bundle of sticks and leaves!) on fire.  I asked them to imagine if God were to call their name out of that bush, what would that be like.  And that the really cool thing is that Moses replied, "who am I that you would speak to me?"  He responded with humility before the Lord, not arrogance that the Lord would choose him.  

After we all kicked sand on our bush, we went back in the house and painted a burning bush. 

Boys love fire!  I hope the visual image will help the story stick with them!

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