Saturday, August 09, 2008

Burning Bush applications

Well, this little lesson on the Burning Bush has proven to have an unexpected side-effect that is SO helpful! 

I have been able to use the experience of making a fire (and adding little bits to it which of course, the boys were over the moon to participate in!) to illustrate how small problems can escalate into grande problemas!

We had a small issue amongst friends turn into a near-brawl with seven or more kids involved this morning.  Lots of hitting, biting, scratching (wait, is this a girls dorm?!?), shoving and shouting later, I was able to talk with them when the fire came to mind. They really seemed to get it when I reminded them the fire went out when we stopped adding fuel.  But it grew when we added leaves and sticks.

In the same way in a conflict (especially with other people around) the problem can be resolved if we stop adding more "fuel to the fire" but it grows with every added insult and every new voice throwing in their two cents.  I was so pleased to see the recognition in their eyes when I shared this with them!

Will they now go forth and fight no more?  I doubt it.  But perhaps they'll think twice before jumping into someone else's argument . . .

perhaps I will too.


Maputobound said...

This is powerful Laura- I won't forget it either!

intense_fragility said...

Laura, you are just amazing when it comes to explaining things... i love it. those boys (and everyone there) are so blessed to have you

bellejanel said...

What a fantastic example! You are always so clever!