Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I'm Learning to Sew!!!!

I'm SEW excited!  Haha!  I've wanted to learn to sew forever.  I did have a section of my Home Ec class (remember those days gone by?) that was for sewing and I made a really misshapen heart pillow August 2008 004without the lace because I never could learn how to add it in.

Then years after finishing college, I tried to take a sewing class at a JC but there were over 20 students so if you got stuck (which I seemed to do after sewing for about 1.5 minutes!) you had to wait SEW long for the teacher to come help.  I think I have half a pair of pants in storage someday, hoping I'll learn and finish!

I've also thought that "every good missionary" should know how to sew (and cut hair and kill a chicken, but those are different stories!).  So when Betty, the lovely woman who teaches our girls sewing, told me she had one woman (Carla) she was teaching on Tuesday and Friday mornings, I asked if I could join in.  She said Yes!  So, unless I need to give up my spot to another woman who wants to learn, I'll be able to learn to sew!  Yay! August 2008 002

I started by practicing sewing straight hems on capulanas, the big piece of material that is used for wrap-around skirts here in Mozambique.  I was supposed to make ten but she said I was doing so well, I could move on after five!  Today, I graduated to making little tiny purses, bags really.  I made two! 

I can't wait to sew again! And next time, I'll take a photo of Betty as well!


bellejanel said...

I love to sew! I'm not sew great at it, and should take a course on it just as you are. What a great skill to learn. I can't wait to see all that you create!

Leann said...

Have I mentioned that I am so glad I have met you? I am excited that you are learning to sew. I love sewing! It has been something that I have used often since I learned to sew in college. The bags are so cute!!! :)

I am glad you like the Bsoda ACV thing. So glad that I was able to share something you could use.

Blessings Abounding!!!