Sunday, August 17, 2008

Soccer Stars!

Soccer uniforms 019 Look at these gorgeous and oh-so-professional looking  futball players!  We received such wonderful  new  uniforms as a gift from friends in the US. 

Let's see if I can explain this properly:  My friend Dot has a great-niece, Alyssa, who is on a girls' soccer team.  Her niece, Lisa, is the coach. Soccer uniforms 020 Alyssa won a grant for $250.00 from a professional soccer player.  They decided to collect uniforms and balls for my boys and use the money to pay the postage to send them to us. In addition, the Ladies Sarah Circle of the United Methodist Church, Waretown, paid for postage that was over and above. Soccer uniforms 003

Lisa and Alyssa contacted a uniform company called "Jako" who let them pick from tons of brand new uniforms!  They sent us FIVE boxes!!!  Mostly uniforms, several balls and pumps as well.  I think the thing they liked the best are the goalie pants!!

There were lots of different sizes in the boxes so we will be able to bless other dorms and even perhaps some of the older youth teams that we play with in the community! 

Soccer uniforms 029Thank you so much Alyssa, Lisa, Dot, and the Ladies Sarah Circle, as well as Jako and the foundation which gave Alyssa the grant, for having a heart to bless my boys this way.  They really feel so special when they put these uniforms on!


Soccer uniforms 033

Angelo celebrating a goal!


Genny said...

What precious pictures, and what precious kids. I am touched by what you do (I read your profile over at your other blog) must be making such a difference in the lives of so many children. We sponsor a young girl in Uganda and she has a huge place in our hearts. We so love getting pictures and letters from her.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I'm glad you did, so I could find your blog.


My name is Dianna said...

I love the soccer uniforms! the boys must be so impressed with themselves! do they ever get to watch soccer? like the world cup? i pray you all are well!