Saturday, October 25, 2008

Introducing . . . Alexandre!

October 2008 042 Pronounced Al-esh-andre, this little lovely arrived in early October. So recently in fact, I don't know his family story or why he has come to live with us at Iris.  But we love him already, his smile is captivating and so is his personality.  He doesn't speak Portuguese but is learning quickly.  He only speaks Shangaan but will begin school next February, which is conducted in Portuguese so we'll need to get him up to speed quickly!  He's fit in so well already, made friends with the other littlest ones and seems quite happy-go-lucky!  When I have more information on his background, I'll share here.  Please pray for Alexandre that he will continue to feel at home and that God will comfort him in whatever has happened that has led him to our home!

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erin said...

oh oh oh!!! I know I know...pick me! i have his broder, Julio. He's super sweet, smiley, loves to laugh, and be TICKLED!!! I'll email you. it's sad. get out the box of tissues.