Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Afternoon Program

Each week, Tuesday thru Thursday, the boys come in for our Afternoon Program, one room at a time.  We primarily have teaching from the Bible but I consider the time "supplemental education" so it can be just about anything! 

In the photos below, when I'm wearing a green shirt, that was Room 2, the oldest boys, and we were studying creation.  When I have on the orange shirt, that was Room 3, the youngest boys and we were playing with play-dough, after studying creation.  The idea was that God has shared with us His creativity and the boys could create with Play Dough!  We always have fun and they mostly behave!







I love helping the boys discover new things! 

They take such delight in learning.

I pray that throughout our time together, I can cultivate a heart for learning more about the Lord and his love for them as well!

(Hey, if anyone has any ideas, please let me know!)

(photos by Laura Grazier - thanks!)

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