Wednesday, December 03, 2008

The Good Ol' USA

Well, this post is looonnnggggg overdue!  I've been in the US for several weeks and head back to Mozambique in exactly two weeks!  I finally thought I should let everyone know I am here! 

US visit October 2008 045It's been a busy time in the US as always.  I went almost immediately to my mom's in New Jersey and was with her for several weeks.  She is doing remarkably better which was wonderful!  We saw her PET report and every paragraph began with "significant improvement" as relates to her non-Hodgkins lymphoma.  She has gained weight and along with it, energy.  She's up and about every day, now only the  weather keeps her in the house as she is to avoid settings which can lead to infections.  Her spirits are up and she feels very hopeful about the future.  Naturally, all of this is a great relief to me and the rest of us who love her.  I praise God for his kindness and his care for her!  Here she is awaiting chemo - doesn't she look great?  And happy!

US visit October 2008 065After my mom's, I went to Florida to visit my dad and his new lady-  love, Judy.  She's lovely, just what any daughter would want for her dad!  It was nice to get to know her and see them together - they even kissed!  :)


My sister and youngest nephew, James, live nearby so we got to US visit October 2008 072spend time together as well.  We even had an early Thanksgiving celebration since we were all together. 

The highlight may have been my amazing darts skills.  A future entry might show some photos of my "off the charts" skills!

My next destination was southern California where I spent some time Southern California Nov 2008 003in Costa Mesa with friends and former co-workers at Vanguard University.  I love my good friends in the OC!  I just wish I'd had more time there as I felt like I breezed right thru!  My middle nephew,  Sean, DROVE out from Las Vegas to see me!  That was so cool and so fun!

I did make it all the way south, down to San Diego as well.  I met up with my oldest nephew Randy and we went to the Chargers' game!!!  Sadly, they lost in the last seven seconds.  But it was a great game and great fun!  (Randy has to send me the photos from the Charger game still!)

I'm now in the lovely town of Roseburg, Oregon, overlooking the US November 2008 001Umpqua River from my cousin Maureen's house. I was here in time for a wonderful Thanksgiving with my family, the best!  I've only left the  house (except for walks or sitting in the garden) once in one full week!  I am loving relaxing (like playing cards!) as well as getting caught up on the computer and business end of things!  Like remembering to update my blog!

I hope everyone else has enjoyed an amazing Fall as well as I have!

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MoziEsmé said...

Ahh - Roseburg! We'll be back there in January - just missing each other again!