Friday, December 26, 2008

Our Christmas Pressie!

We got a very special Christmas gift in our dorm this year - a new boy arrived on Christmas Eve!Christmas 2008 107

His name is Lucas, he is said to be six years old and you can see he's quite small.  He doesn't speak and wears diapers and can't walk really but he does stand on his own for short periods of time.  We're not sure what his challenges are, diagnosis is always hard here, and especially without a medical history.

He was abandoned by his father at the hospital for over a month so they called us and asked if we would take him.

Christmas 2008 211He is such a sweetie, very content to watch all the goings-on around him!  The boys love him and spend lots of time making him smile and laugh.  He sat during Christmas and put his gifts in and out of his bag and that impressed us with his skills. 


Christmas 2008 158Please pray for us and our Tias - we already have two other disabled  children and this makes them each responsible for one in particular, along with their other children.  And, in the youngest boys room, we're getting three new boys tomorrow from the Baby and Toddler Houses!  We'll have a full set of little ones!

Christmas 2008 262


Is there anyone under that blanket?  It doesn't look like it!





Christmas 2008 261


It's Lucas, getting ready for bed!  Good night!


(Yes, he came with a bad pressure sore - please pray it heals quickly!)


intense_fragility said...

oh he is so adorable!! i will be praying for you all during this transition time. love you guys!!

Sarah Olds said...

yay! a new boy! i can't wait to meet him!!!

Adele said...

Hey friend,
If you have anyone coming from the US soon, I can get you the best stuff for pressure ulcers. Danette's a wound care specialist, and she's got the very best meds which she'd be happy to share. It's just a matter of getting it to you!

Laura said...

Hi Friends! thanks for reading and commenting! He is adorable, so sweet and my Tias love him. We've got him walking a bit on his own now, we're so happy about that. Adele, I FORGOT about your post (how could I?) I will check with Hospitality about when the next people are coming! Thanks so much for offering! We have another young lady who's been in a wheelchair her whole life, perhaps you remember her, Gilda, from the Baby House? She too has a pressure sore so that would be great! Sarah - you will meet him SOON! Yay!