Monday, December 15, 2008

San Diego SuperChargers!

Some of you may know I LOVE the Chargers!  I LOVE football!  I LOVE Everything 354visiting the US during the Fall so I can watch as much football as possible!  The sights, the sounds, the action - I LOVE it! 

And it's 100 times better when you're there in person!  I've been to only a few games but I always tear up during the National Anthem and love the fireworks and canon booms at the end.  The last couple games I've been to have included F-13s doing a fly-by as the last note of the anthem fades away and the crowd cheers their hearts out - amazing!  At that particular moment this year, I so wished I could share something so exciting with all my boys, none of whom have ever experienced anything like it.  Maybe someday . . .

Until then, I gladly share my Charger games with my oldest Everything 293nephew, Randy.  He's a huge fan himself and we've tried to go to a game every year for the last several years but a few times things have come up preventing us from going.  One year, it was the San Diego fires!  We had tickets but had to return them when they had to move then venue to Arizona.  Everything 301

Anyway, nothing stopped us this time and it was a great game.  Sadly, the Chargers lost to the Colts in the last seven seconds so it was a lame ending but it sure was a lot of fun!

We'll beat 'em next year!


Everything 295

Randy and Emma Fariss from Faith Fellowship sent me this jersey as a gift after reading a previous post about my love for the Chargers - what an amazing gift!  Thank you!

 Everything 355-1

The Chargers hold off a touchdown but couldn't prevent the field goal that ended the game.  Bummer!

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