Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Christmas 2008 103I think the boys' very favorite present was the Spiderman skateboard  that the Farmer family sent us from Virginia!  They actually sent us two but if they don't mind, I'm going to give out one at a time, at least until I can see how they treat it and how it holds up.  I'm torn as to whether the fun of two at the same time would outweigh the confusion it might create!


Anyway, not only is the skateboard so cool, but the sent helmets and knee and wrist pads as well.  The boys love it!  And in such a short time, they are already learning their balance and getting the hang of it. Of course, that's the big ones - the small ones like to lay on it or be pushed on it!

Here's some fun photos of them learning!Christmas 2008 255Joao was the first one to try!


Pedro picked it up real quickly!001 

006 So did Tome!

Antonino is getting the hang of it!007


Elidio, the youngest to try so far, does a great job!


Fauso knows how to stand up but really enjoys riding on his belly!

Many, many thanks to the Farmer's for not only the actual gift but all the work they went through to mail it here!  Mailing two skateboards, plus Pop Rocks, Light up necklaces, light up balls, etc., is not easy or cheap!  We appreciate you!

By the way, the Farmers learned about me and my boys thru my friend Justin Fox who travels around the country (and the world!) ministering in music.  He shares at his concerts about our work here in Mozambique.  Check out Justin's site - there's a link to it in the right column of my blog!

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