Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Thabo Update

DSC06376I thought I'd put a little update on Thabo here.  He is still holding his own and doing quite well, although not gaining much weight.  We had a rough time a few weeks ago when his breathing became quite labored and he had a fever that we couldn't get down, but he recovered from that and has been very well since then. 

We have a pool quite near our center and he just loves it!  Here he is with Judite, one of the Educators who looks after him.  They both love orange!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Fun Place To Hide

IMG_6272Sometimes I wish I could fit in the Spiderman playhouse and just hide away!  Sometimes I wish I could be a kid and play House with whatever is at hand, just escape into my little fantasy world.  (hmmm, perhaps I do that a little with the plethora of home-making blogs I've been reading lately?).  Today they used the Spiderman playhut, but they're just as likely to stack chairs and broken cardboard boxes to create a makeshift home.  I do love that I brought this playtoy back here with me.  It is SUCH a hit, lightweight and more durable than it looks.  It's currently one of the top three requested toys!  This photo is of Salamone and Antonino enjoying their cozy, little home!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Agostino and his Spiderman pillow

One of my darlings, Agostino, moved up to the next dorm last month.  But he's been in the hospital for the last few days, very sick with malaria and some other complications.  I trieIMG_6276d to visit him yesterday morning since I was in the city early to take some visitors to the bus, but I couldn't find him.  So I was determined to go today.  Well as we arrived, the nurse said,"he's better and you can take him home!"  Problem was, he didn't have any clothes, not even underwear!  For some reason, the nurses had told our Educator to take his clothes home.  Fortunately, I had a pair of shorts in the car, and a big towel so we were able to take him home decently. 

Perhaps I've mentioned before that I don't have the utmost confidence in Central Hospital.  I'm not quite sure why they released him, he was quite feverish and limping from a swollen foot that he injured days ago, unrelated to being sick. 

Anyway, we thought it best to bring him back to my dorm for the night because the missionaries over his new dorm are away in South Africa, and there's only one male Educator for that entire dorm (versus me and three female Educators living here in mine).

So I showered him up and now he's sleeping in the living room with Spiderman to keep him company. 

(When Antonio isn't guarding the cabinet, see below, she's guarding Agostino!  She always sleeps near the sick kids!)

Please pray for Agostino to get well completely and quickly!

Do I WANT to know what's so appealing in there?

IMG_6274Something tells me it's not the sardines that are capturing Antonio's interest so intently!  Especially since she began her cabinet vigil when the door was still shut!  (I'm avoiding the feeling of wishing my cabinet was more organized before showing it to everyone!)

Monday, February 18, 2008

A Little Slice of Paradise - Inhambane

I just got back from one of my favorite places in Mozambique - Inhambane.  There's a couple visitors here right now who were planning to go and when they invited me along, I jumped at the chance.  I hadn't been in over a year.  Now it was a bit crazy - it's about, how many hours drive?  In theory about 7 hours or so.  It took us 10.  But we left on Friday and came back on Sunday so it was a bit of a long way to go for such a short time. I would have loved even one more full day there to relax.

A new missionary Sarah (who arrived in December) came along and I so enjoy her company.  Then there was Dana and Jonah, crazy soccer players who initiated the trip.  Dan from England and Samuel from the US rounded out the group.  Dana and Jonah are hilarious together and there was very little time I wasn't laughing on this trip.  They all surfed while Sarah and I hung out and were generally entertained.

I must say that although the company was great, the scenery stunning and the atmosphere so relaxing, the best part had to be the air conditioning in our rooms!

101_4766 Yummy FoodIMG_3150My Favorite spot

101_4774 The whole gangIMG_3149 More yummy food101_4788 Paradise!

(sorry, didn't think to take a photo of the AC!)

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Well the six of THEM are better anyway!

I'm still feeling pretty poorly as is a new entry, Elias.  He was fine on Thursday night but Friday he came in my house in the afternoon and hasn't left since.  Poor guy has been sleeping most of the time, headache, tummy ache, occasional fever.  He's had a malaria test but we don't have the result yet.  At any given moment, one of us is sneezing, coughing or sniffling! And usually sleeping.

An amazing thing though - Friday and Saturday nights I had to get out my blanket to sleep with!!  I hadn't used one since some time in October.  (Of course I was gone all of November.)  I loved being able to curl up under a blanket and at the moment don't even care if it was from a fever!

Friday, February 08, 2008

It's No Fun to be Sick!

IMG_6271Six, count 'em, Six boys are sick in my dorm right now. I took this photo in my living room last night during church.  They didn't go obviously so they all slept in my living room.  Poor pumpkins.  Most of them have malaria.  It's the season and it's going around a lot here at the center.  The nurses told me that over the weekend, they diagnosed 15 cases!

Perhaps not surprisingly, I'm not feeling well today either.  I've spent most of the afternoon in bed but am up for a few hours so I can sleep thru the night.  How I wish it wasn't 90 degrees in my house so I could at least curl up under a blanket!!!

Monday, February 04, 2008

Selso is doing great!

Just thought I'd give an update on Selso in case you're wondering how he's doing.  We had a few rough days, the Tias accused him of thinking he could do whatever he wanted because we were afraid he'd run away.  I tend to agree that he was thinking that way so I lovingly but firmly set him straight!  I told him this is his home and we are his family but he cannot do whatever he wants and think we'll allow it because he might run.  The rules of the center still apply to him. 

A few days later, he moved up to the next dorm with all the other boys who were set to go.  At first, we were all a bit nervous about this as we do think him not wanting to move prompted him to run away.  But I think it helped that half the boys had moved up two weeks earlier (the day he ran away) so they had adjusted and we're doing quite well so he could see that.  He moved without incident, praise God!

He has been doing great since then, just over a week now.  Still comes to the dorm quite often to visit, always comes running to greet me if I'm walking across the center while he's around.  So I see him quite often and get to pour out lots of love on him.

I'm so thankful that God broke through the walls around Selso's heart to allow enough of His love in to bring him comfort  - and bring him home!  I continue to pray that God will heal every wounded area of Selso and lead him into the man He has created him to be!  Thank you for your prayers as well!